In 2009, the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund awarded a two-year grant to the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation to develop a social marketing and media campaign to promote breastfeeding in North Carolina. The long-term goal was to increase the initiation of breastfeeding in eastern North Carolina among women ages 20 to 34. The campaign strived to increase knowledge of the benefits of breastfeeding, promote positive attitudes about breastfeeding and link people with resources for more information.

Media and Outreach Campaign

Television spots were created to promote breastfeeding for women in North Carolina with a particular focus on the eastern part of the state. Ten eastern North Carolina counties were provided additional grant funding to extend the reach of the breastfeeding awareness social marketing campaign. An educational pamphlet was also created and offered in the NCHSF catalog of free materials.

Educational Pamphlet

An educational pamphlet was developed highlighting the many benefits of breastfeeding. It features many of the same individuals who appeared in the commercials. The brochure was distributed to a variety of WIC offices and health departments in eastern North Carolina.

Television Campaign

In support of the breastfeeding awareness campaign, the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation developed two television commercials based on recommendations from women and men in Eastern N.C. The commercials feature moms and their significant others from eastern North Carolina who share the reasons why they breastfeed or support breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding – Best for Mom

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Breastfeeding – Best for Baby

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