N.C. GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation was created in 1990 with a five-year, $5 million gift from (then) Glaxo, Inc. Additional funding in 2007-08 and for 2009-12 supported RICHES (Resources in Communities Helps Encourage Solutions). RICHES goals: to build the capacity of community-based organizations to address the health and health-related needs of the women of reproductive age they serve, and to engage local groups and the media in creating a community norm of women taking care of themselves.

N.C. Division of Public Health

Starting in 1990, the synergy created by this long-term partnership continues to benefit local communities and the statewide public health system. A close working relationship, with mutual respect between the Foundation and N.C. Division of Public Health staff, has resulted in collaboration and efficiency on both statewide and targeted projects.

Child Fatality Task Force

Foundation staff serve on the Perinatal Committee and bring expertise on infant safe sleep and other infant mortality related issues that helps shape the Child Fatality Task Force’s legislative agenda.

N.C. Pediatric Society (Healthy and Ready to Learn)

As a member of the Healthy and Ready to Learn Steering Committee, the Foundation provides guidance and technical support for this two year, federally funded initiative to increase enrollment in N.C.’s publicly funded child health insurance through outreach to school systems in 48 counties.