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Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep & SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care

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The ITS-SIDS Project was a four-year "train-the-trainer" partnership between the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation and the North Carolina Division of Child Development (DCD).

The ITS-SIDS Project began on July 1, 2002 and was extended through June 30, 2006. Phase 1 focused on the
Opens in a new window49 counties with the highest five-year SIDS rates and Phase 2 targeted the Opens in a new windowremaining 51 counties. (If your internet security options block pop-ups, right click on the link
and select "open in new window")

ITS-SIDS was an extension of the education and outreach provided by the Foundation's national award winning
N.C. Back to Sleep Campaign for SIDS Risk Reduction. The project arose from the need to address the problem of infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly in child care settings in North Carolina and across the country. The overall decline in SIDS the past decade, has begun to level off. However, in 2000, there was a rise in the numbers of babies dying of SIDS in home child care and in centers nationwide. Two-thirds of the deaths in N.C. child care from 1997 to 2004 have been attributed to SIDS.

Phase 3, which began December 1, 2003, built on the earlier phases and helped meet the increased demand for SIDS risk reduction training required by North Carolina law and licensing rules. Phase 3 enabled the project to increase the number of trainers in counties with the greatest need due to trainer attrition , number of child care providers caring for infants and SIDS rates.

Phase 4 emphasized the provision of more thorough technical assistance for child care providers around Safe Sleep Policy development. ITS-SIDS trainers and others participated in In-Depth Technical Assistance training with the goal of helping child care providers link their practices with Safe Sleep Policy licensing requirements.

Last updated: April 2012

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