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Infant Safe Sleep

We are pleased to make our Safe Sleep Toolkit available to help you share information about how to lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Infant Sleep Related Deaths. The resources include:

  • Infant Safe Sleep webisodes: #1-3 best for families/caregivers, #7 is in Spanish and is the same content as Webisode #1.
  • Safe Sleep podcast in English and Spanish can be downloaded as an MP3 file and is also available on iTunes.
  • A Safe Sleep Crossword puzzle and a "Drag and Drop game" to reinforce safe sleep messages in a fun way. The crossword puzzle can be used as a handout after teaching a safe sleep class.
  • My Baby's Safe Sleep checklist in English and Spanish
  • Baby's Safe Sleep Tips poster in English and Spanish.
  • Infant Safe Sleep photos.

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Safe Sleep Webisodes

Webisode #1
Opens in new window What is an infant safe sleep space? (242 MB)
Although Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS cannot be prevented, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk. The most important thing is to provide your baby with a safe sleep environment. This video outlines many of the things that parents can do at home to reduce the risk of SIDS. See what an infant safe sleep space should look like.

Webisode #2 (241 MB)
Opens in new window How to overcome the challenges of infant back sleeping
If we know back to sleep reduces the risk of SIDS, why doesn’t everyone put their baby on their back? This video describes some of the challenges to back sleeping and dispels some of the misunderstandings related to it. Find out how you can overcome some of these challenges.

Webisode #3 (271 MB)
Opens in new window Where should your baby sleep?
Babies need their own separate sleep space:  "A crib or bassinet protects your baby best".   Learn more about what you can do to make your baby's sleep space safer.

Webisode #4 (257 MB)
Opens in new window Introduction to BESST flipchart
Whether you are new to educating about infant safe sleep or it's been awhile since you attended the Baby's Easy Safe Sleep Training (BESST), this video details how to effectively use the BESST flipchart. 

Webisode #5 (494 MB)
Opens in new window FAQ's about safe sleep
This video answers many of the questions that anyone might have about SIDS and infant safe sleep.  It will be particularly helpful for SIDS educators/BESST trainers, but provides valuable information for anyone interested in infant safe sleep practices.

Webisode #6 (397 MB)
Opens in new window Sharing safe sleep messages with Latina moms
In this webisode, we share some tips about reducing SIDS and other infant sleep related deaths in relation to working with Latina moms. We provide background on Latino culture and traditions and some phrases in Spanish to help you communicate with Latina moms.

Webisode #7 (291 MB)
Opens in new window ¿Cómo es un lugar seguro para dormir a un bebé?
(What is an infant safe sleep space?)

This webisode in Spanish provides Latino  parents and caregivers information about SIDS and how to set up  a safe sleep environment for their baby.

Podcasts -Coming soon to iTunes.

Safe Sleep Crib GameIs Your Baby's Crib a Safe Sleep Environment?

See if you can remove all the unsafe items in "Our Crib."

Safe Sleep Crossword Puzzle

Safe Sleep Crossword PuzzleTest your knowledge of safe sleep for a baby.
Printable PDF version

My Baby's Safe Sleep Checklist

My Baby's Safe Sleep Checklist


Lista de Verificación para

2013 APEX award winner

Opens in new windowPDF version (154 KB)
Opens in new windowPlain text version

A checklist for parents and caregivers to help create a safe sleep environment for babies under one year old. English on one side, Spanish on the other.

Lista de Verificación para2013 APEX award winner
que Mi Bebé Duerma

Opens in new windowPDF version (181 KB)
Opens in new windowPlain text version

Lista de verificación para el uso de los padres y las personas que cuidan a los bebés menores de un año de edad, sobre cómo crear un lugar de descanso seguro para los bebés. En inglés de un lado y en español del otro.

Baby's Safe Sleep Tips

The front of this two-sided flyer shows how to put a baby to sleep safely in a crib. The reverse side provides in-depth tips on what parents and caregivers should know to help prevent sleep-related infant death and to reduce the risks of SIDS.

Opens in new windowPDF version (195 KB)
Opens in new windowPlain text version

Opens in new windowPDF version (201 KB)
Opens in new windowPlain text version

Baby's Safe Sleep Tips - English

Duerma Seguro a Su

Infant Safe Sleep Photos

These photos are available for your use in materials and awareness raising campaigns. If you would like one of these images please send an email to with the subject line "safe sleep photos" and indicate which photo(s) you would like.

Additional photos - 6 in all, are available for you to download and use to promote safe sleep practices.
If a high resolution photo is needed, please send a request to with subject line "safe sleep photos."
When using the photos please give credit to NC Healthy Start Foundation.

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Last updated: May 2015

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