Your Baby's Sleep Safety: Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

(A Fotonovela or Picture Story)

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Getting Ready!

Page 1

(Scene - Entrance to Department Store where Marta and Daniel are entering with their son, Marco, in a shopping cart)
Marta and Daniel are excited about their second baby. Marta is 8 months pregnant.
Marta: Daniel, let's buy only what we need.
Daniel: Marta, let's get this. (Picks up bumper pads - long thin cushions designed to fit the inside edge of the crib
that are tied to the crib rails.
Marta: Well, at the childcare center where I work, our policy says bumper pads aren't necessary. (Puts bumper pads back on shelf)

Page 2

Daniel: (Picking up an infant pillow) OK, then let's get this pillow.
Marta: Pillows are not safe for babies! (She puts the pillow back on the shelf)
Daniel: What about wedges to keep the baby sleeping on his back?
Marta: Ay Daniel! (Pointing her finger at him) Our baby won't need a wedge.
Daniel: But. . .
Marta: No, we don't need it!

Page 3

Daniel: (with arms spread wide) Eii Yii Yiiii! There's an invention for everything!
Marta:Yes! But we don't need much to keep the baby safe when he sleeps.
Daniel: (Pointing to infant beds) Well, we do need a crib.
Marta: (Examining a crib and mattress) It is best to keep the inside of the crib empty when a baby sleeps in it, to lower the risk of "crib death" or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Note on page: Keep stuffed animals, fluffy blankets, pillows, bumper pads and wedges out of the crib when the baby sleeps.

Page 4

Daniel: (Reviewing with Marta crib safety guidelines) Let's buy this crib. It's sturdy and the price is OK.
Marta: And it meets safety guidelines. Let's get it! (Then Marta is holding her stomach) Oh! I think I'm having a contraction!
Daniel: (Placing a hand on her belly) It's too soon! You need to rest. Let's go!
Marta: OK!
Daniel: (To his son) Come, Marco!
Marta: (As the family is exiting the store) I think we got just what we needed, and we saved money too.
Daniel: Sure!

Preparing Baby's Room

Page 5

(Scene - Baby's Room)
The next day, Daniel and his brother, Samuel, put the crib together.
Daniel: (Standing with Samuel in front of the finished crib) We're done! Thanks, Samuel!!
Samuel: It looks good.
Daniel: Marta, where do you want the crib? Here?(moving crib) By the window?
Marta: No, not by the window. The sun will make the baby too hot.
Laura: (Holding pull cords to window blinds) And honey, this cord from the blinds could strangle the baby.

Page 6

Daniel: Well, how about we move the crib here? (Places crib directly under heat vent)
Marta: Not there, either!
Laura: (Pointing to the vent) Keep the crib away from the heat vent, so the baby won't get too hot when he sleeps.
Samuel: (Moving crib again) Here is a safe place for the crib.
Daniel: OK.
(Daniel is looking at the thermostat on the wall)
Daniel: Marta, why did you put the thermometer here?
Marta: We use one at the childcare center. I want the temperature safe and comfortable.
Laura: (Pointing to temperature registered on thermostat) It says 72 degrees. Great! The temperature should be between 68 and 75 degrees.

Page 7

Daniel: The room is almost done.
Marta: (Handling a crib mobile) Yes, we're just about ready for our baby. (Then Marta places her hands on her stomach) Oh wait! I'm having a contraction!
Laura: (Helping Marta walk) Again? It's too early! Go lie down.
Daniel: Will you be all right, honey?
Marta: I hope so. I just need to take it easy.
Samuel:I need a cigarette break.
Daniel: Sorry man, you can't smoke in the house. Secondhand smoke is not good for Marta, the baby, or any of us. Let's go outside.

Page 8

(Scene - Outside Daniel and Marta's home on the porch. Samuel has a pack of cigarettes.
Daniel: We need to help each other keep our families healthy.
Samuel: Huh? What do you mean?
Daniel: (Placing his hand on Samuel's shoulder) If we don't smoke around the baby, we help lower the chances of crib death.*
Note on page: Also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Daniel: No one should smoke around Marta now or after our baby is born.
Samuel: Yes, you are right! I should be a good example.
(Laura and Marta have placed a "no-smoking sign" on the window)
Laura: (Pointing to the sign) This should help.
Marta: Yes, I hope so!

Page 9

Later that day ...
(Scene - Laura and Marta making up the crib)
Laura: Oh! That is a good firm mattress.
Marta: If it was a soft mattress the baby could sink into it and that's not safe.
Laura: These sheets are a tight fit too! They won't get loose.
Marta: This looks great! The crib is simple and safe.
Carlos: (Holding a stuffed animal) My cousin can have my pillow and toys.
Marco: (Also holding a toy) Mine too.
Daniel: (Reaching for the stuffed animal) No, it's not safe in the baby's crib. Let's put the toys on the shelf instead. When the baby is big like you, he can use a pillow.
Marta (Clasping her hands together and thinking) He is finally getting it!

Page 10

The Baby Is Born!

A few weeks later, in the
morning ...

(Scene - Daniel and Marta's living room. Marta is on the couch doubled holding her stomach. Laura and Samuel are seated near her)
Laura: Marta, are you OK?
Marta: Daniel!! Hurry! Hurry! I'm having contractions.
Laura: It's time!
Marta: Ohhhh! They're stronger and closer together!
Daniel: (Enters the room with shaving cream on his face) Again? Now?
Are you sure? Let's go!
Samuel: (Waving to Daniel who is in the car) Daniel, Wait!
Carlos: Uncle!
Laura: (Also waving) Daniel! Don't forget Marta.
Marta: (Waving and walking to the car) Wait for me!

Page 11

At the hospital the next day . . .

Daniel: (holding newborn David) He's a healthy boy!
Marta: David looks like you, Daniel. He has your eyes and big ears.
(Dr. Smith enters the room) Good afternoon. David is doing fine. How is the breastfeeding going?
Marta: It's getting easier, Dr. Smith.
Dr. Smith: Remember, even if you are breastfeeding, it is safer for this little guy not to sleep in bed with you.
Marta: Oh? But our other son slept with us!
Dr. Smith: Sleeping with the baby puts him in danger.
Marta and Daniel: Ohhh! Why?
Dr. Smith: He could get too hot, increasing his chances of SIDS or crib death.

Page 12

Dr. Smith: He could also suffocate under the blankets or pillows.
Marta: Remember, Daniel, we talked about that. This is very serious.
Daniel: Yes, and I don't want to roll over onto David.
Marta: And I don't want our baby to fall off the bed, or get caught between the wall and the bed.
Dr. Smith: That's right. So give David the protection of a crib.
Daniel: Could we put the crib in our room, but just not let the baby sleep in the bed with us?
Dr. Smith: Good idea. You are putting David's sleep safety first.
Marta: When he is two years old, David will share the room with his brother and cousin.
Dr. Smith: That's great. For now help him develop healthy sleep habits. I'll see you in three days for David's check up.
Marta:OK, Dr. Smith.

Page 13


David arrives home ...

Laura: (Helping Marta take David out of his car seat) Ooohhh! Welcome home, little one.
Let's take off this heavy blanket.
Marta: We also need to take David out of the car seat and let him sleep on his back in his crib.
Laura: Oh no, he just woke up.
Marta: It is better to put him in his crib. He will fall back asleep.

Page 14

(Scene: Marta, Laura and David in David's room. Marta is placing David in his crib)
Laura: You put David on his back to sleep?
Marta: Yes. Babies should sleep on their backs to lower the risk of crib death. You know, SIDS.
Besides, he'll be comfortable. But when David is awake we will give him "tummy time" so he can grow strong.
(Laura is thinking to herself "Stomach to Play . . . Back to Sleep . . . hmmmmm.")
Marta: I have a special way to tuck in the blanket so it does not cover David's face.
Laura: Show me.
Marta: His feet go near the foot of the crib. An easy way to remember is: "Feet to Foot." Next, I put the blanket across his chest just under his armpits, like so.
Marta: Then I tuck the blanket in on the three sides of the mattress like we do at work.
Laura: Ah, that will keep the blanket in place.

Page 15

Later that night . . .

Marta: (Holding David) Marco, Carlos, say goodnight to David.
Carlos and Marco: Night. Night.
Carlos: Can David sleep with me?
Marta: No dear, it's safer for David to sleep in his own crib.Why don't you read him a story? Or sing a lullaby?
Marco: (Sitting next to David's crib with a book) There once was a . . .

In the middle of the night . . .

Daniel: (Sitting up and yawning) Uhhh. He's awake.
Marta: Hmmmmmm. Yeah.
I'm thirsty. Daniel, can you get me a glass of milk?
Marta: (at David's crib) Come, sweetie.
(Marta begins nursing David in her bed)

Page 16

Daniel: (Handing Marta a glass) Here's your milk. I'm proud of you for nursing.
Marta: Thanks. You are so sweet.
Daniel: (Sitting next to Marta on the bed) Honey, stay awake with David in the bed.
Marta: All right. I'll put him back in his crib after he nurses.

(Scene - Marta has finished nursing David and is standing next to Daniel who is asleep in their bed)

Marta: (Holding David) Daniel, can you help me?
Daniel: (Yawning and stretching) Huh? I'm sleeping.

(Scene - Daniel is in David's room changing his diaper)

Daniel: (Holding his nose while holding the diaper) Eiii Yiii Yiii! I must be having a nightmare!
Marta: (Tucking David in his crib) Shhh. Sleep well.

The next morning..
Marta: (In the bedroom holding David while Daniel is still in bed) Say good morning to daddy.
Daniel: Oooooh, I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night.

Page 17

Teaching Your Childcare Provider

After six weeks, Marta goes back to work. Laura will take care of David . . .

Marta: My first day back to work and I'm late. Now, remember, David sleeps on his back in his crib and not on the sofa.
And, he must not get too hot.
Laura: (Holding David) I will check him often. I'll make sure the temperature doesn't go over 75 degrees.
Marta: (Holding a blanket) Remember, use a thin blanket.
Laura: OK, and I will tuck it in like you showed me.
Marta: Do not cover his head with the blanket, so he can breathe all right and so he doesn't get too hot.
Check on him while he sleeps.
Laura: OK! OK!

Page 18

Laura: (Holding David) What should I do if David rolls onto his stomach when he's sleeping?
Marta: He's too young to roll over now.
Laura: OK.
Marta: When he's about six months old and is rolling over easily, then you can leave David in the position he wants to sleep in. But he should always start out sleeping on his back.
Laura: Don't worry. I know what to do. Now go! You are really late!
Marta: (Looking at her watch) Eii Yiii Yiii! I'll call you later.

Page 19

Happy Birthday Baby !

David's first birthday party . . .

(Scene - Family and friends gathered around David to celebrate his birthday)
Marta: Eat! Eat! The food is ready!
Laura and Samuel: Let's cut the birthday cake.
(Scene - Children singing: Happy Birthday to You!)
Laura: I can't believe David is one year old already!
Friend: Are you ready to have another baby?
Marta: No, not yet. I need to give my body another year of rest and recovery. Maybe when David is two years old I'll be ready to think about another baby.

Page 20

Marta: Besides, there is still much to do to help David stay healthy and safe.
Friend: Like what, Marta?
Marta: I'm still nursing. He goes to the doctor for his shots. And, he's so active.
Laura: He's very healthy!
Marta: And such a happy baby.
Second Friend: David's grown so much! Let me take more photos.

Marta and Daniel: (Surrounding David) Cheers!

David: (Thinking to himself) Hooray! My first year was safe and super cool!

Page 21

Daniel: (Holding David) Baby sleep safety is important. Use these guidelines
when you get a crib.

Drawing of a crib with the following guidelines posted:
Safe – corner posts less than 1/16 inch above panel
Caution – protruding corner posts
Caution – cut-out at top of headboard
Safe – secured mattress support hangers
Safe – proper slat spacing (2 3/8 inches)
Caution – broken slat


Corners: Corner posts should be the same height as the headboard and footboard. Top edges of the corner post should be rounded and not extend more than 1/16 inch above the end panels.
Headboard or footboard: Should not have decorative cut-outs.
Slats: No missing or broken crib slats! The space between the slats should be 2 3/8 inches or less, or no wider than a soda can.
Hardware: Make sure all screws, bolts and hardware are in place and tight. The hardware should not have rough edges.
Missing or broken parts: Be sure no parts are missing or broken – especially if the crib is used.
Mattress and support: The mattress and crib frame should be a snug fit with no gap. The width of two adult fingers should not fit between the mattress and frame. The mattress support hangers should attach firmly to the frame.
Paint: If the paint is cracked, chipped or peeling, repair it or contact the store
to report the damage.
If you find any of these problems, fix them or find a different crib.

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If you want more information about babies' sleep safety, crib safety or reducing the risks of SIDS, contact these resources.

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North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation
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Consumer Product Safety Commission
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