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About the Program
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In 2000, the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation launched the Ana María Campaign - North Carolina's first public education campaign developed solely for Latinos - as a way to reach the state's growing Latino population and to share information about state and local health resources for women and children.

With the guidance of an advisory panel and input from focus groups, campaign materials featured a young Mexican woman and her family who convey a variety of health messages.

In 2004, the Foundation's Ana María Campaign received the Latino Diamante Award for its contribution to North Carolina's Latino community in health and science.

About the Program

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation fully understands that culturally and linguistically appropriate health educational materials and messages are the most effective way to raise awareness of resources, health services and positive lifestyle behaviors among Latinas

Developed in Spanish, by Latinos, this program is culturally and linguistically appropriate; is positive, warm and credible and uses bright blue and crisp yellow colors on its print materials. English translations are add-ons.

The Latina Health program:

  • Promotes Health Check (Medicaid) and NC Health Choice - the state's publicly funded free or low cost insurance for eligible children
  • Educates families about the benefits of their children having a Medical Home for consistent health care services and advice
  • Instructs women on the importance of taking a multivitamin with folic acid to prevent some serious birth defects
  • Informs women and provides educational materials on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy so babies are born and remain healthy
  • Addresses the dangers, for women and children, of being around secondhand smoke
  • Focuses on reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Additional Resources

Opens in new windowNational Women's Health Information Center ( - links to Resources in Spanish.

Opens in new windowDepartment of Health and Human Services Healthfinder site in Spanish

Opens in new windowMarch of Dimes - preconception, pregnancy, and newborn health in Spanish

Opens in new windowLa Opinión Digital - on-line news and information about pregnancy in Spanish

Opens in new windowTodobebe - information parents need before, during and after pregnancy in Spanish

Opens in new windowCenters for Disease Control - links to material on infant and child health in Spanish.

Opens in new windowThe National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Health Care Needs - provides information about the "medical home" for children with special health care needs to health care workers and families in Spanish.

Opens in new windowMedlinePlus - health information in Spanish

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Last updated: July 2013



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