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Child Health Insurance

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Your child may qualify for free or low-cost health
insurance if:

  • Your family's monthly income meets the income level guidelines in the table below
  • Your child is less than 19 years old (up to 21 in some cases)
  • Your child has a valid Social Security number. Your Opens in new windowlocal Department of Social Services (DSS) office can help you apply for a Social Security number for your child.

Monthly Income

Use the chart below to find your family's size and monthly income (before payroll deductions). Families who earn more than the listed amount may still qualify if they have child-care or work-related expenses, or are making court-ordered child support payments. Fill out an
Opens in new windowapplication today to see if your child is eligible.

Current Income Guidelines

(Effective April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015)

Family Size Monthly Income Before Taxes*









6 or more

add $714 for each additional family member

*Your child may also qualify if you earn more but have child care, work-related or child support expenses.

Immigration Status & Eligibility

Your Opens in new windowlocal Department of Social Services (DSS) office can help you determine whether or not your child qualifies for Health Check (Medicaid)/NC Health Choice. But three common questions are answered here.

Question #1: If my child is not a United States citizen, can he qualify for Health Check/NC Health Choice?

Answer: Your child may qualify only if:

  • he is a United States citizen* or
  • he is a legal permanent resident (has current documentation of status.) Children who are refugees or have asylum status may qualify.

    *Note: A child born in the United States is a citizen.

Question #2: I'm applying to become a United States citizen. Can I still apply for health insurance for my children without affecting my chances of becoming a citizen?

Answer: Yes. You can apply for health insurance for your children without affecting your chances of becoming a United States citizen.

Question #3: Do I have to give information about my immigration status in order to get health insurance for my children?

Answer: No. Parents and other household members do not have to give any information about their immigration status nor their social security number to get health insurance for their children.

Don't Forget to Re-enroll  Each Year!

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Last updated: October 2014

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Free or Low Cost Health Options are Available

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Does Your Child Have Health Insurance?
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