Just as no two pregnancies are alike, the same is true for babies. Even babies born in multiple births have distinct personalities. In addition to this, we all know babies do not come with instructions. We also know you will receive all sorts of parenting tips by well-meaning parents, relatives and friends about soothing a crying baby, keeping baby safe while he or she sleeps and how to make sure your baby gets all the necessary checkups and vaccines in order to stay healthy.

Now that you have been introduced to the numerous ideas, theories and ways that different families and even cultures do things, it is best if you decide what kind of parent you want to be but always remember to be flexible to new ideas.

In this section, we will look at the growth process of your baby from birth to 12 months. Remember, this is just a guideline. If your little one does not accomplish these milestones exactly, DO NOT PANIC. Like we said no two babies are alike. If you truly are concerned, always contact your baby’s doctor. Don’t hesitate for fear of sounding ridiculous – if it will bring you peace of mind, you can focus on your baby and enjoy the milestones together.

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