– Hospital Outreach and Partnerships for Educating about Infant Safe Sleep

HOPES and the Infant Safe Sleep Model of Excellence Program

The Infant Safe Sleep Model of Excellence (MOE) program is a voluntary, non-competitive, self-nomination program designed by the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation to recognize North Carolina hospitals implementing evidence-based policies and practices that support infant safe sleep. It was initiated in the fall of 2011. The North Carolina Hospital Association and the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force have endorsed this program.

Through positive reinforcement, hospitals will be recognized for achieving goals in four areas:

  • Policy
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Patient Education and Modeling
  • Community Outreach

Once a hospital is granted a Model of Excellence Award, the award is good for two years.

For more information, listen to our pre-recorded webinar about the hospital safe sleep initiative and award program.