Wake Up!

In September of 2013, The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation (NCHSF) received a $10,000 grant from the Rite Aid Foundation to fund Wake Up! Infant Safe Sleep which provides Graco portable “Pack N Play” cribs and crib sheets to 300 low-income families along with one-on-one education on infant safe sleep practices. Once families enter in the program, they are required to attend a two hour class on safe sleep after which they are eligible to purchase a Graco Portable Pack-N-Play at a reduced price. The goal of the project is to provide families with information and needed resources that prevent dangerous sleep practices such as allowing infants to sleep in adult beds, on couches, with other adults/children, in substandard cribs, on their stomachs or in cribs filled with blankets.

In addition, Wake Up! offers technical assistance to local shelters serving women and young children, to ensure infant safe sleep policies are in place and procedures followed in those facilities.

Wake Up! is a collaborative between the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation and Wake County’s Pregnancy Care Management and Care Coordination for Children programs which annually provides prenatal care and pregnancy care management for more than 2,600 Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and care management (including home visiting) to 2,500 families with children (ages birth to 5 years) considered high risk for a variety of social, environment or medical reasons.

Programs, such as Wake Up! provides education and training which can save babies lives. As a result of the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation’s leadership, North Carolina’s infant mortality rates have been at an all-time low since 2010.