October 2016

SIDS Awareness Month is a unique opportunity to encourage community members to remind the public of safety measures they can take to reduce the risk of SIDS and other infant sleep-related deaths. We’ve put together suggestions of the many activities that can be done in October. Please let us know dates and times of any activities you host and we will put them on our calendar

Ideas for SIDS Awareness Month

  • Pitch the idea of recognizing SIDS Awareness Month to your local radio and TV news stations. Appear as a guest and talk about ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. Ask them to air the PSA Danger during the month. (Let us know if you need broadcast quality version.)
  • Write a letter to the editor of your community newspaper.
  • artner with a retail chain (Walmart, Babies R Us, Target) or the mall in your area to set up a safe space display and help parents prepare for their baby. Provide information about safe cribs in.
  • Organize a big baby shower for mothers-to-be who are participating in your education programs, include a “film viewing” of one or two of NCHSF’s Safe Sleep Webisodes.To Raffle prizes that promote safe sleep such as a sleep sack or other prizes donated by local businesses. (You can order free sample sleep sacks from Halo’s In-Hospital Sleep Sack Program.)
  • Distribute free infant safe sleep materials available from the NC Division of Public Health to expectant and new parents, grandparents and other caregivers. Use the order form and find materials in the their Parenting and Baby section. It takes about 3 weeks to get materials so be sure to order right them right away!
  • Organize a Graphic Design/Art contest for safe sleep image to be used on onesies or t-shirts that will be given throughout the year to new mothers.
  • Organize a fundraiser for your SIDS education efforts: bowl-a-thon, fun walk, dance-a-thon
  • Organize a Twitter-meet-up or use your Facebook page to let people know about your event(s)
  • Plan a short presentation using your
    BESST Flipchart at a local health fair or in your clinic/agency and raffle baby products that promote safe sleep such as a sleep sack.
  • Partner with local breastfeeding support groups to have an event to jointly promote breastfeeding and safe sleep.
  • Put out posters and SIDS educational brochures at health fairs, churches, local hospitals, childcare centers, public libraries and other places frequently visited by pregnant women and parents of infants
  • Identify a family that has suffered a SIDS death that may be willing to share their story with the local media about the sudden and unexpected death of their baby.
  • Request a SIDS Awareness proclamation from your local elected officials (city or county government).

Photos to promote sleep safety

Just right-click on the image to download. If larger sizes are needed, please contact us at (919) 828-1819.

  • close up of baby in crib in sleep sack
  • Close up of baby on back in crib in onesie
  • Mom with baby in empty crip on back in onesie
  • Infant in crib on back in sleep sack
  • Baby in crib on back in sleep sack 2
  • Baby on back in crib with sleep sack
  • Close up of baby on back in crib in sleeper
  • Baby in crib on back in sleeper
  • Mom placing baby in crib on back