Does your child have health insurance?

Your child may qualify for NC's Health Check (Medicaid for Children) or NC Health Choice (CHIP) - free or low-cost health insurance for children and teens under 19 years old*. Even children in a family of four with working parents earning $51,276 a year or slightly more may qualify.

*NC's children in foster care on their 18th birthday may have medicaid coverage until age 26.

Income guidelines: Effective April 2016

Family Size Monthly Income Before Taxes
** Health Check/Medicaid
for Children
Health Check/Medicaid for Children NC Health Choice (CHIP)
  (0-5 yrs old) (6-18 yrs old) (6-18 yrs old)
2 $2,804 $1,776 $2,817
3 $3,528 $2,235 $3,545
4 $4,253 $2,694 $4,273
5 $4,977 $3,153 $5,001
6 or more - add $732 for each additional child

**By law, a new method is used to determine eligibility. This method determines both how income is counted and also how household family size is considered.

Benefits include

For more information, call the NC DHHS Customer Service Center at 1-800-662-7030 between 8 AM-5PM Monday through Friday.

For an application or more information, go to

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